Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain rain Rain rain THUNDER!!!!

Well, good day to you all.
I know, I know, it's been rather a long time since I posted anything.

 Let's just say..... time has passed, I'm a bit older, a bit stiffer in the joints, and it's a little harder to get myself sparkling clean like I did when I was a kitten.

These days there's nothing better than a good nap. Once
 again the Warm has returning, and sometimes I go out with MMmeee and other time I get to go out with Her. Yay. There is tasty grass to be had by the green tree, and I like it there, best.
For there I can hide and be a Mighty Tiger, and no one can see me.

Other days I will go to the other side  on the hard dirt when I need to sun my bones....but it can get TOO warm there (such a thing!) and I do not stay very long. (I have noticed when I am warm however the ups-and-downs are easier on my hindquarters.)

I watch the Young One chase invisible spiders, and sometimes real ones. He really has a lot of energy. And quite cowardly, if I may say so. He runs and hides over the silliest things, like today. It is raining, and there is much growling from the sky. I am unafraid, for of course, I am a Brave Big Boy Tiger. But he jumps and runs and hides.


BuckinhamToday, my friends I have news! Yes! Something exciting. Look to the left, and that handsome Feline is none other than Myself. I am on the cover.

You may see more here:


Things are things here. What else may I tell you.

 I do not like using the ups-and-downs at all.
She brought me up them, and I do *not* like that. It is hard to come down them. (even though She does carry me, I feel it is rather undignified.)

That night she took me up, I let her know in the only way I could (and I am embarassed to let you know how) that this Up was Unacceptable. What I did next, well, I am not proud of.

But I had a point to make.

And so , I made it.

She yelped, yanked me off the bed and then stuffed a TOWEL under my rear end. Most undignified. After much yelping and sharp loud noises in My direction, She brought me down, and never has returned me Up. I am quite comfortable, thank you, on my couch.

I had a point to make, and I did.

Today I had some catnip, and now am stretched out and She is beside me, and I am content. Perhaps She will brush me....that would be nice. I shall Purr and look Cutely up at Her, (She is a sucker for that look, heh).

Good day everyone. I hope you are all well and happy as I am.

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