Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's been awhile

Well, hello again dear readers.
Many of you were wondering where I went, and if I was Okay. Yes. I am. I am a Cat. I just did not feel like writing.
Closer to the truth, if I must be truthful - and I feel one must - She takes her compooter away with Her when She goes. So it is always not convenient for me to type. There.

Well...let's see. Finally, finally, the Warm has returned. The Sun is happy and warm and once again so am I. I sleep and dream most days away and watch the Young One chase flies and other buzzy things around. Every now and then I think I might join in, but....it seems like too much trouble.

I like the warm. Mmmeee lets me sit outside whenever I like.

I shall write more when the mood strikes, but for now, I need a nap.

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