Thursday, August 4, 2011


Here I sit, cleverly hidden from the world around me.

I am a Mighty Tiger, sleeping in the jungle.

I am hidden in the Jungle....under a thick tangle of green and my cunning tabby patterns hide me in the dappled shade. No one knows I am here.

I watch the small creatures of the jungle floor skitter to and fro intent on fulfilling their daily work...never dreaming that for them the Big Sleep is a paws' reach away.....but... I do not trouble them. I am sleepy. But watchful, ever watchful.

I hear the Flyers overhead, they call alarms because they sense I am here. They tremble at the thought of My anger. But peace, Flyers.  I am sleepy.

MMmmee knows that I must be Outside in the Jungle. Sometimes I don't even have to ask, she just lets me out. Although She does not always like it when I am outside, MMmmee understands. But She worries and won't let me go too far; even tho the yard next door has Smells that I want to Smell. She makes me come back. There is Another who lives somewhere over there and I see him sometimes come into MY yard and I know he Smells ME and as yet we have not discussed this, and it must needs be soon as I do not like other Smells in My Yard. I mean, my Jungle.
 But She comes out sometimes, and we dig in the Jungle, I supervise. I see the white moths flitter around and remember a younger time when my joy was to leap and chase...always always just out of reach....but the point was to jump and turn and be young and strong in the sunlight....ah....I digress. My joints ache and the sunlight soothes them.

I am content.

I can see the carrides go past, and as yet, no Growlers have disturbed me. All is well. As I mentioned, I am sleepy.
I shall roll over, and have a nap.

Grr. I am a ....*yawn* Mighty Tiger.

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