Monday, September 6, 2010


I do NOT know what just happened. And I'm quite frankly too frazzled still to describe or talk about it.

All I know, all I can tell you is that three sleeps of being crammed in my cave, then in the carride, then stops where I was forcefully ejected from my cave onto grass somewhere in the Outside and I did not  like it, then back in the carride, then in somewhere that smelled awful then the carride, then another Outside, and another smelly room and the carride AGAIN and all of this with very little food, water or brushing. AND She did not listen when I repeatedly TOLD Her I needed NEEDED to GO and She did not listen. I cannot describe what happeneded next. I am still too embarrassed. It was all too, too horrible and I need some quiet time, and possibly some more tunatreats, to recover.

All I know is this:  I am NOT AT HOME and I do not know where I am but She says I was there before when Crankypants (or Fred, as She called her) was around. It sort of looks familiar, except that there is ANOTHER 4legger here and HE has done nothing but stare at me and say not very much except Hello. Hmm. I'm much bigger than he is and he better stay off my bed.

It is cold here and a bit dark. I miss my warm. But She says I can sleep with her again, that's okay I suppose. And I do have more room.....but, it's not Home.

I do NOT like the carride. No. Not one bit.


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