Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here... Wherever that is....

Well. What an adventure this has  been.
It's been a few days since I last was able to write; it's taken me this long to settle in and get my bearings.

After a long and torturous trip in the caride, well, here I am.
And where, exactly is here? Well. As best I know:
In a house, with many up-and-downs, many nice windows, a small Outside where there are many things to sniff and lovely green green grass to nibble. A nice comfortable spot for me, several, actually, and a few spots I like to hide in. There are a few flies though, in this proverbial ointment.

There is another here. There is another very young, very rambunctious, very annoying other Cat.
And I, I do not overly care for him.

Ack. How to describe him. He is ...he, well... he's Young. I know, I said that already. He is not as handsome a TabbyTigerStripes as I; in fact, he was only given a few Tabby spots, as he is mostly white. He is long, and narrow, and Squawker-skinny, and too long for his Tail. But his her dotes on him and so he gets the run of this house. But I of course, rule. He may live here now but I remember that I was here long ago, and so therefore, I am in charge.
He tends to race around the howse like someone who has been sleeping in the catnip patch. He throws his mice in the air with abandon, oh to be young! He hasn't yet learned the trick of NOT losing all his funtoys under the big chairs yet, but he will. He also needs to learn that the squirls are not worth chasing, or even trying to have a decent conversation with. Too airbrained. Sigh. So much for him to learn! I might, one day, guide this little furball yet.

How have I been faring? Well; I fill the days. I like to sleep in the big chair. Sometimes the sun shines on me so I put my ahem, end bits there so it warms them. I have noticed that since I came my hind legs are twinging....sometimes the up-and-downs are a bit difficult for me. Although yes, I know I'm a bit, how shall I put it...rotund.... I know that my cave was noticeably smaller around my middle on my nightmarish journey here, but these days, I have more room. So that's good, and if I lost some extra me then I shall be lean and mean once again. Even though jumping higher is getting more difficult, (I need a bit of extra prep bounce) and sleeping in one spot for too long is hard.  Don't you dare tell anyone; I can still run rings around the young one. Sniff. And I shall bite you if you tell.

I am tired. The food She gave me tasted a bit funny tonite, it was bitey on my tongue and left a funny coating on my mowth. I only complained a bit; but I was hungry so ate it all.
I wonder how Lizard is doing. And my flowers. I see some through the window here, and when She and I were out in the garden I sampled some LOVELY lavender, and some sage as well. But it isn't quite as warm here, but She covers me with a warm warm warm blankie at night when She says goodnight.

Well, goodnight. I am going to stretch and then go back to sleep.

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