Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not much

Not much at all, to report.

I've spent the last few days just relaxing. Napping, grooming, a bit of ball chasing but I admit, half hearted.
It's been hot again, and damp. My blue plant is drooping, no matter what She does it doesn't look good for this one. I have to say I don't really mind because this plant has long arms which brush against me, and the blooms stick.  And I mean, stick. They stick to everything. Fur, toys, etc etc. When you try to clean them off they even stick to your tongue. And they taste revolting. Not like blue should taste at all.

My rose bloomed, a delicate white rose. Very small. She comes and talks to it sometimes which both the flower and I like. I haven't seen Her outside with me very much, but I watch Her through the window.

She's busy I can tell, moving things around and She sat yesterday for a couple of hours in Her messyroom where She paints. I have tried my paw at painting but I'm not very good. I like Her work though.
She also has been on Her little box she stares at intently and uses Her paws on; I think she called it her Poota or something like that.

Time for another nap I suppose, it's that quiet.

Again, not much to report. I did see the small lizard again, far at the top of the lanai. I think he's eating the wasps that are also up there; I should warn him, they sting.

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