Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today it went back to being cold. Sigh. I miss my warm, warm, warm. I even sat in the happy sun but still, could not really get warm. She came and covereded me up with a blankie, which was nice. I must have dozed off, because it was dark and the sun wasn't very bright. I wokeded up because my tummy was GEROWELING like I do when I see my arch-nemesis, the Black Cat.

Turns out, I was hungy. I am hungry> Very hungry.

So, eat! you might say. Well... I would usually just meander over and munch munch away.

But lately, my dinner has become a yucky thing that I am not sure I like. It has a dark strong taste that burns a wee bit on my tongue. The new smell tickles the back of my nose and it is very strong. I do not really care for it. AND my breath, which is normally sweet and pure, I can tell, is heavy and strong and musty. Ew. I do not like it.

I have tried to tell Her, to let Her know I don't like it. But She said it was good for me, whatever it this is. She said that the new tunatreats are good for me, too. Of course they are, they're tunatreats.Hmm.

On a good note, it's been easier to be up and about these days. I think the air mayhap, or the water, is doing me good. I have noticed that I can jump a little easier, and the up-and-downs aren't as dreadful. And even, I was even able yesterday to let the Young one know who is boss when I stole his mousie and chased him up some up-and-downs.

She let me know She has to go away for a few sleeps, I will miss Her very much; we've had some absolutely lovely days since we've arrived in our new place that is the old place. I do miss my howse though, and I miss the Outside that was warm. But I shall stay here with Mmmeee, who I like very much and takes good care of me.

Going to eat something, I can only hope it tastes good!

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