Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Aaahhhhh.....warm warm warm.

Today has been a Very Good Day.

Mmmeee let me Outside this morning and it has been a glorious day. Warm warm warm....warm. Mmm. I purr from happiness.

And then, She came home and came Outside with me! We dug in the garden, I showed her where the spots were that needed some fixing. Weeds were everywhere, and I needed My Spot cleaneded up. She did a very good job.

I closed my eyes and let the sun do its work.... flexing my TigerPaws into the sweet smelling earth.....and listened to the squawkers flying overhead and supervised the crawlers as they did their thing. Busy busy busy. Not I. I am a Cat.
I yawned and stretched....it is Good to be a Cat.

My hips do not hurt as much in the Warm. I like the sun as it seems to seep into my bones and all is well.

I wish I did not have to have the stingy bitter food. She says it is Good For Me, but I do Not like the taste. But it does help my hips, I suppose....blech.  Not even the Young One will try to steal it, it tastes that bitter.

I wish that I could have Nice Tasting Food that helped me.

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