Friday, August 12, 2011


I am Trying to have a nap, on the couch. And I cannot.
For She is taking up TWO WHOLE CUSHIONS with her stringy bits and poky sticks.

There are bits and pieces everywhere and I am trying to find an uncluttered spot. But everytime I move something sticks to me or a get a paw stuck and it's GRR annoying. I tell Her so but she Laughed At Me. The nerve.
And when I stretched out to let Her know she was taking too Much Room one of the poky sticks kept POKING ME right by my leg. She did apologize and petted me a bit. But still.

I think I like this even less than when She gets the whirry machine and then there is string (tasty string though I will admit) EVERYWHERE and it gets stuck to me. (And if I eat the tasty string that falls, well, let's just say All is NOT well that comes out of your end well. If you get my meaning.)

Hmm. What to do.

I want Her to move over. She will not.

I shall strategically place my long strong back against the back wall of the cowch and s t r e t c h out my legs....push Her over by sneakiness.  Shift and S t r e t ch. Shift and S t r e t c h.

Great. Now She is just sitting on my legs and I am once again covered in stringy bits.

I shall let Her know with a small growl She is in my Spot.

She's not paying attention.

      Maybe She will get the hint if I stare at her.


  I shall try purring and being Extrordinarily Cute.
...well She reacheded over and petted me. Not exactly what I was going for. But I did get a kiss on my tabbyforehead.

    Maybe if I reach out an exploratory claw......snag this stringy bit...ooh, springy.....maybe if I pull....

OW. She Pinged me right on the head. Grr.
I am going to go lay in the sun. By the door. I give Her A Look. So She knows that I am Not Pleased as I leave the cowch.

I am disgruntled....but I like the colours She is using. And I know that whatever She is making will be comfy warm for me to lay on.

Ah. The warm sun.. Ahhhh.

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