Monday, August 8, 2011

Things I Like

Sleeping Outside under something green and cool.

Napping on my couch, where my Tabbystripes cleverly conceal me.

Furry little toy mice I can chew the tails off of.


Getting brushed except by my bum.

When MMmmee lets me Out first thing in the morning.


New Smells (if they are good.).

When She brushes and pets me and does that thing in my ears and my eyes roll back. I know they do. I know it's not my best look. But it FEELS SO GOOD!!!!

Watching the Young One go fast around the house and smash into the window. It's not mean. It's life. He'll learn. Or he won't. And I shall continue to be wise and say nothing.


Wet food mixed with my dry food with a splash of water.


Flexing my mighty paws and claws on my scratching Post.

Napping in the warm warm sun.

Eating grass in the warm warm sun.

Yawning like you mean it.

Watching the Weather Network with MMmmee.


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