Sunday, August 15, 2010


I do not like crawling things. Well except for my friend the Lizard, who I haven't seen in awhile. I wonder where he went?
But today I realized that I do NOT like crawlers. They're rude. No manners.
I was minding my own business today, and I wouldn't have minded some afternoon conversation. She went out, told me She'd be back at dinner so I had time to myself today. So there I was, stretching out and being my normal handsome self, when I heard a rattling scraping sound from under the rosebush in the corner.
Somehow a crawler had pushed it's way inbetween the big potted plant and the screen.
So, I decided to watch it and see what it was up to, and make SURE it was  not planning on moving in. She doesn't like crawlers, and honestly, neither do I really. Eh, well...except for the little blue ones. Those are very tasty. Especially if they're ...never mind. But I digress.

It crawled right by me, up my ramp into my house and helped itself to my MY food.

No thank you, no antennae acknowledgement, Nothing. I watched it go from my cool spot under the chair.  Perhaps It didn't see me maybe(I'm being nice) because I was stealthily hidden under my blankie. Perhaps.
 And then, it wriggled its' way back under the Rosebush and I haven't seen it since. I've been watching for awile because I intend to give it a peice of my mind when I do. Can you imagine? No manners at all.

Well.....sigh.   She still isn't home and it's dark now. But at least the shades are open a bit, I can see that "Home Makeover" is on. I don't mind that show. Sometimes I tear up because it's so emotional to see what the other 4 Leggers of the world go through. Not everyone is as lucky as me; I have my own Aframe house, with a ramp, and a ladder, and a scratching post, and beds, and carpets and...oh the list goes on. Some 4 Leggers have a bare yard and crappy wooden house. I'm so lucky. Plus, I have Her. And we love each other, very much.
I'm a happy Cat.

PS> If anyone sees Lizard please tell him he's welcome to come back anytime. I miss his outlook and please tell him the rose isn't doing so well since he left.

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