Friday, August 27, 2010

No Rain far

Ah. What a glorious sunny day. Oh the warm, warm sun. mmm. I love it so.

Of course as I'm typing I look up and notice the clouds on the horizon. Bother. Oh well. Its' been a nice, warm day. She came out with me today and we had a nice long brush. She sits with me sometimes; but today was an extra treat. She swept the lanai and moved things, and the Door was Open so I got to go Outside for awhile. It was wonderful. The grass was green green green and a bit too short; the Loudgrowlingcarides came by a few sleeps ago, and made it short again. Oh well. (Don't get me wrong here, She grows grass for me inside, but it's just not, just- well just not the same. It's like how meat should be...nice and fresh, not hard and cooked the way She makes it. It's good; just not the same. )

So not only was I Outside today, but the sun shone, and She brushed me, and I ate green grass.
THEN even later; She came back out again!!!

She was talking on the small box she brings out everynow and then, and so I listened to Her voice and got brushed. Ah, perfection.

AND...She gave me a hidden tunatreat today. At the bottom of my dish! Mmm. Life is good.

I'm going to lay in the shade for a bit, it is a tad too warm in the sun right now.

Not that I'm complaining.

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