Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Something is up. I'm not sure what, but something is going on. I know this, because three sleeps ago, She took me in the caride and then I was outside and a out of control dog barked at me and it was hot and then it BIT me and I hurt and was very sleepy for the last three days.
I suppose I should slow down and explain. You must forgive me, I'm still a bit ruffled by the experience, and while I will explain as best I can, the horribleness of it all is still with me.

Let me start by saying this. I do NOT like the Caride. Everytime we go in it I go somewhere and get stung or bit or poked and it smells stingy and hurts my eyes.

I do like my Cave. It is nice. Four walls and a roof and a nice floor with my blankie on it. I can go in there and sleep forever because it is Mine and very cozy. It keeps me dry and cool, and if it gets cold She will drape extra blankies on it so I stay warm as warm can be. But when She closes the gate and I am stuck inside my cave then it is not so nice. She picks it up and the world lurches and swings, I slide from one side to the other and I feel a bit queasy, as I do not like swinging, dipping, or when we dance together I do not like to be spinned.

Then we are outside for a moment, I know because I can smell it, and She set me down in the cave just outside the caride. It opens and then I am inside, and it is very, very hot. It also smells odd; like musty blankies, hamburgers, hot plastic and with Her scent above all. My cave goes beside where She sits and a strap goes across by my nose (outside of course) and then suddenly NOISE NOISE NOISE!
It is TOO LOUD but then She makes it better and a nice cool stream of air is reaching me.
 All the noise and grinding though scares me a bit so I let Her know that I am uncomfortable, and tell Her so. She tries to reassure me but it does not stop and I tell Her again and again, all the way until it does stop.

I do not like the cave when I am in the caride. It stays still but I do not.

The caride stops and She takes me out. The light is bright and then it is hot again. I do not know where we are but the smells are not Right. There is a heaviness and stickiness and it clogs my nose. It is a greasy and grey smell and stings. Acrid. It is bright.
I can hear many carides , and I hear noisy Flyers in the trees, Twoleggers and now some Fourleggers. Mostly, Dogs. Sigh. I will never understand them. Horrible, filthy, hairy creatures. No self respect at all. No sense of personal space, either.
I am jarred to the bone as my cave is set down, She talks to me a bit and then HORROR! as a Big! Black! Stinky!! Hairy!!! Dog! tries to shove its face into my cave.
It is unintelligable in its' snuffling, I can barely make out what it's saying, all gibberish, of course. I hiss and spit to let It know it is Too Close and must Back Off.

It does. It knows better than to mess with Me.

We are there, outside, doing who knows what for oh, I'm not sure. At least half an hour. It is hot and gets hotter even though we are in the shade beside a big wall. The Dog does not return too closely but continues to bark insanely everytime a new Twolegger gets in line. There are others here too; I can see them in their caves as well. Most are quiet, some are complaining about the heat. I don't blame them. I let Her know I am also unhappy. She gives me a tunatreat! I am happy. But hot. And I want to go home.

Suddenly I am lurched upwards again; I bangeded my head off the roof of my cave. I let Her know! Yowl!
She apologized, and then I am set down. But higher, I can see more. I see another Twolegger moving around quickly and behind that I see many carides moving fast. So fast! Do we go that fast? I cannot think we could, perhaps?? but I digress.

Brace yourself. The Worst is coming. I did not know what to expect, so I warily eyed Her as She opened the cave door, but didn't try to get me out. Good thing. No way.

A new paw reached in; not Hers. A male reached in and patted my head, then

OW OW OW!!! 
Then AGAIN!!

Before I could even react ANOTHER!!!!

WHAT THE!!!!????

I did NOT know what was happening but I do know I did NOT LIKE IT!!!! I let Her know my extreme displeasure. I hissed, and even swatted when She closed the cave door.

Then, swung back around in the cave, from side to side I flew. Back into the caride. She crooned to me and gave me more tunatreats. But Ow. OW!!! The back of my neck was throbbing!
It hurt. Oh, did it hurt. And I couldn't even reach it to lick it better.  More tunatreats. Ow. Yum. Owhhhy.

When we FINALLY returneded home; back to the lanai went I. I was starting to feel more than queasy and wanted to just lay still on the cool floor for a bit. Then She brought out one of my favourite treats: Wet food mixed with lots of water so it's mushy. She knows me so well!!! I was feeling sicky but suddenly I was starving. So I ate a bunch and then....oh dear. I needed to sleep. So I did.

Three sleeps later I am still Sore. It hurts but at least I feel better. I suspect I also had a fever as the room was far too hot and I kept needed to dunk my whiskers in my water bowl to cool off. I also put my paws in from time to time, it helped.

I am sorry for the frazzled description. The whole experience was quite upsetting. I am still not myself...and something is up. I'm sure of it. I don't go in the caride very often, and usually it's not pleasant when I get out of it. Hmmm. I wonder......why does this happen? I remember before going to a place that wasn't home and it was very smelly of clean but it stung and everything was bright and there were other 4leggers there, and I got stung there, too but poked and prodded and other stuff. But this was different and I'm unsure. At least I'm feeling better today. So don't worry.

Well I'm going to try to find a dry spot for awhile. It's rained and rained and rained and rained here for so long that everything is wet. Or damp. Or wet. Ick.

PS:... I did see a lizard (who wasn't mine) run up the screen yesterday. But I was dozing and didn't call out. I hope he comes back!

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