Thursday, August 19, 2010


Damn. It's hot.
And by hot, I mean, h o t. My whiskers, my long fine whiskers, are drooping. My tail isn't even fluffy in that appealing way the humidity makes it; no, right now it's damp and pressed to my skin.

I am H o t.

I laid in the shade (ah, what a poet am I) and under the chair. I have a blankie I particularly like to rub my face in and around but it was too hot for that. She draped it over the chair for me so it is dark and cool. I like that. The humidity makes everything damp. When I press my cheek to the cool cement I can see the moisture from my breath make a trail. Ew. That's not attractive. And I, I am always attractive. I am a handsome Big Boy Tiger. But I digress.

I laid still today. So still I counted my breaths, each one, and it seemed like such an effort! I didn't even want to eat. That's weird I know but it's HOT.

She came out to feed me today but I did not stir. It was too hot. I knew she wanted to pet me and give me my breakfast loving but it was too hot. I just laid there.

Later on, it could have been hours, or minutes, I heard the tapping at the lanai door. She was worried I know so I reassured her that I was okay.


AH. I feel much better. It is early evening and the thunderstorms have somewhat cleared the air. I am investigating and double checking all the work that She did out here yesterday. Lots of new plants, some smell very interesting, and a new Rose! I hope, I hope I hope my dear friend Lizard will return. Have you seen him yet? I still wonder. Perhaps he went off to the neighbouring house's bougainvillea. You never can tell with lizards.

I am much more awake now..Not by much but I'm up and about. And STARVING. You must excuse me. I am going to eat.

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