Saturday, August 14, 2010

She's cooking

I mentioned I live on the Lanai, but not why.
 We moved here where its always hot. I like it, mostly. I do not like to be cold. I like to stretch and feel my stripey tail go as long as it goes, and it's easier when it's hot. But here it's sometimes too hot, even for me. I can always curl up in the shade, and stretch on the floor, where it's cooler.
Sometimes I lay on the step with my face pressed on the window, it's much cooler but not as comfortable. And of course, I AM a cat and it's all about me, looking handsome and being comfortable. So I don't lay there long. But I like to watch Her when she does things. And it's not too bad watching from outside. This way She can't grab me and make me dance with her. I do like it but sometimes She spins me and dips me and then the world is fuzzy and I want to have a nap and some water. But I digress.
I smelled the warm happy smells from the kitchen coming outside and I purred. She cooks wonderful things and I get to taste them. I am outside because I make him sneeze. Sometimes he will come outside to put more food in my dish but if he pets me,  I will let him for a bit. But then I will use my keen sharp teeth to remind him that She is mine and mine only. But I digress

I am watching Her cook. When I was a young kit I would supervise Her working in the kitchen, and would taste test Her creations. She's pretty good, even though She always overcooks the meat.

I think it's soup with the leftover squawker they had two sleeps ago. Yum.

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